Enjoy The Book, And Then The Game.

“Take a turn…I assure you it’s quite refreshing.”

Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice)

Bibliophiles express their love for literature in any way related to books and reading. Literary board games are a delight to book lovers looking for a way to amalgamate their reading with play. Several classic games have undergone bookish twists over the years. Scrabble – Book Lovers Edition earns players bonus points for spelling out literary words. Jenga‘s book themed set has literary questions printed on each block. Memory has a literature themed version which features quotes and pictures of characters, book covers, and authors. Whether puzzles, quizzes, word play or mystery board games, there is a plethora of options to keep readers occupied when they are not reading. Here are some interesting games for bookworms to play at the next book meet or game night.

~It Was A Dark And Stormy Night – This board game requires players to name the title or author of the book based on it’s opening lines. The books are arranged in six categories, so irrespective of one’s preferable genre, it gives every reader a chance to participate.



~Pride And Prejudice – This game enables you to live a day in the life of Jane Austen’s classic novel. Players race through the board game’s town and countryside in the fight to be “first couple to get married” – Darcy and Elizabeth, Jane and Bingley, Lydia and Wickham, or Charlotte and Mr. Collins. There is an additional deck of questions about the novel.


~Wizard Chess Set – Play chess the wizard way with this Harry Potter themed set. Intricately designed chess pieces are modeled after the pieces seen in ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.’



~Bookopoly – A property-trading board game which offers players the chance to become “baron of the bookstores” or “lady of the libraries” . A classic game with a bookish twist.


~The Play’s The Thing – A Shakespeare themed game of charades where players collect cards and act out scenes from ‘Julius Caesar’,  ‘Hamlet’ , or ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The game is available in different variations and levels, making it accessible to both Shakespeare lovers and those who haven’t reach much of the Bard.


~The Origin Of Expressions – Players compete for the most inventive and convincing stories behind everyday phrases. A game of phrases, fakery, finesse and fun, with three hundred game cards. Creative juices not included.


~Master Detective – A clue-driven board game which requires players to compete and decide who is the fastest in solving cases.



~Dune – An adventure game for science fiction enthusiasts who have a couple of hours to spare.



~The Great Penguin Bookchase – The ultimate game that even looks like a book itself, is a race to see who can fill their bookshelves with titles from all six categories.


Which one from these would you pick to play?







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