Beyond Books with Peace Adjo Medie

First author meet of the year!

It’s always a memorable experience meeting authors and hearing the story behind the story of much-loved books. This was my second interaction with Ghanaian writer Peace Adjo Medie, after I had read and loved her book ‘His Only Wife’ which had released last year (I had reviewed it here, and the write-up about my previous meeting with Peace can be found here). Peace is a university professor of politics and human rights, and wrote the novel alongside her academic work, even publishing a non-fiction book simultaneously. She is a pleasure to speak with, and enlightened us about her research and journey in writing the book while juggling a full-time job. Her wry sense of humor is not to be missed, especially for those who have read the book with its similar tone and know the narrative is not trying to be funny; it just is!

Organized by Book Ya Ya and the Hastings Public Library, community events that bring readers and writers to share a platform are highly enriching. Adeptly moderated by fellow author Maya Lang, the conversation on Peace’s His Only Wife intertwined with Lang’s own memoir What We Carry, engaging readers in the fluidity of literature. We asked questions, which Peace graciously answered, and apprised us about the background work involved in completing the novel, with often amusing anecdotes.

A wonderful author session to begin the year. And read the book, too, if you haven’t already. It’s about the Ghanaian tradition of arranged marriages, with a seamstress protagonist, and oodles of local culture, cuisine and textiles. Books that are both informative and entertaining are well worth ones time.

Time well spent with Peace Adjo Medie and her book His Only Wife

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