Lunar by Steve Simpson – Poetry Book Review

Title – Lunar

Author – Steve Simpson

Genre – Poetry, Speculative fiction

The poetry collection Lunar is one among a set of speculative fiction books, alongside its prose twin of short stories Solar, in The Purpose of Reality series. The innovative creation combines poetry with art, set in a world far removed from ours, but not entirely different. The pieces are disconnected and yet bound, by story, thought and imagination. A Martian princess features in several poems, but the stories are not linked. A detective morphs into various creatures, but he isn’t the alien. Or is he? There’s a peculiar doctor, an interesting take on egg whites, questions and answers on reality and fantasy, time and space, the sun and moon, humans and non-humans. The poems vary in length, from short poetic musings to full blown lengthier stories.

My favorites from the collection include The Detective and Solar Disenchantment, but every poem is excellent in its own way. Lunar is a book that needs to be read many times over; you come out with something new each time, the longer you dwell in Simpson’s world. The lines are beautiful; the author’s command over language is quite exceptional and he impresses with the worlds he creates with words. The imagery, word play, surrealism is outstanding. The words come to life just as the art does – vibrant and magical, real and imagined.

Some quotes:

~I’d never liked my neighbor, who needlessly complained about my midnight bagpipes.

~That summer, no birds flew. They walked, or took the bus and paid half price.

~You’re an acolyte of the darkest arts: logic and science.

~What will you think when you’ve thought all your thoughts?

~The air is curdled and afraid, stinging in my throat.

~We’re made of what we make ourselves.

~Memories, if compressed by force, achieve solidity.

The Purpose of Reality is a set to be read and treasured in paperback/hardcover. I read the e-books, but the digital versions don’t do justice to the wonderful creations – words and images are both a work of art to be admired and soaked in. The cover is just gorgeous, like the contents within. Recommended for readers of speculative fiction, but it’s for just about anyone who loves good writing and visual art.

My rating – 5/5


Steve Simpson lives in Sydney, and he’s never been able to work out exactly what he does, although he would probably feed the cat if he had one. His poetry and short stories have appeared in various magazines and anthologies, and in the visual arts, works created with his image evolution software have been shown at several exhibitions. In the sciences, he’s published over 200 research papers, most recently in clinical neurology, where he’s developed a unique system for visualising mental states via EEG. Awards include the Peter Doherty Innovation Prize, for technology to make vehicles safer.

He can be reached at his pages below:

Website   |  Twitter  | Facebook | Instagram

Thanks to Meerkat Press for having me on board The Purpose of Reality book series blog tour, and for sharing a copy of Lunar and Solar. (My review of the latter will follow shortly.)


RELEASE DATE: September 6, 2022


SOLAR: The Purpose of Reality: Solar – Meerkat Press

LUNAR: The Purpose of Reality: Lunar – Meerkat Press


SOLAR:  Meerkat Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

LUNAR:  Meerkat Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

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