Nutritionist. Odissi dancer. Marathon runner. Bibliophile. Polyglot. Enthusiastic about health & fitness, learning languages & musical instruments, art & craft. Curious about anything and everything.

What can you expect to find here?
 ‘Tomes and Tales’ is a place for my fellow bibliomaniacs to share literary endeavors. I believe books have stories within them, and about them. You read not just what the author writes, but create your own story through the reading process. That is why it is said, no two people read the same book in the exact same way. In ‘Tomes and Tales’, you will be treated to purely bookish pursuits – book reviews, latest hauls, author posts, new releases, bookstore visits – just about anything related to books and reading. I read in multiple languages, but will keep posts mostly in English, and add in an English translation for posts in other languages.
For those, like myself, who share varied interests in both the book world and outside, I have another site which features book-related posts, in addition to sports, music, travel, cooking, languages, art, and just about anything else I ramble about. Follow the link below if you share my curiosities.
For those looking to hone their writing skills, do join my third site below. My team and I fix a word/theme for the day for bloggers to write on. We set the prompts, you send in a poem/song/story/article or just about any composition on what the word means to you.

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